Large Night Carnival Painting in Black Ink


Another painting of a circus at night. I love this subject matter, as it allows me to indulge in my fondness for gothic fantasy. This painting is really huge by my standards. It is 70 cm by 54cm, which is about 20 by 27 inches. I  worked quite dilligently on the details here, and I am especially happy with how the tents turned out. I will need to go back to smaller pieces next though, as I don’t have much room in my home studio for pieces this size.

Hope everyone it having a lovely summer. Etsy link herencem2


Sleepy River, Night Landscape

night town

This is something new for me, using the ideas from some of my monochrome landscapes, but with colour, and on a larger scale. I think I called this one ‘Sleepy River’ because I painted it so late at night!

Here’s a detail:

night town2

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Good night!

Apple Drops Watercolour


I was planning on sticking to black and white for a while, but then I found some lovely fabriano card with a 400 gsm weight, and I had to try this idea which was floating in my head for a while- apple drops were always a favourite sweet of mine as a child, and the colours make easy inspiration for painting.

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Five Feather Quills Monochrome Black Ink Painting


This is my first monochrome black and white ink painting in a while. I love old feather quills. I’m a Jane Austen fan, and I always imagine her writing her beautiful novels using a feather quill with curly tendrils. I love victorian images and ideas, so it was a pleasure making this illustration.

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Blue Ice Watercolour


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This is the last abstract in colour I’ve done in this series, I’ve loved working in colour but now I’m tempted to do a few in monochrome, as orginally I had done a series about doors in black and white that kind of inspired these colour pieces. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

Red Leaf Watercolour Illustration


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This leaf watercolor is in two of my favorite colours, Flame Red and Indian Yellow. I love to wear red for energy and confidence.  I like painting leaves on this scale (8.5 in by 12 in) because it gives them detail and importance, and for me painting, like life, is about the little things.