New Abstract Monochrome works

Abstract Monochrome by Emily Boylan

Abstract Monochrome by Emily Boylan

stripes2 stripes3Working on some new black and white abstracts for my etsy shop! I love working with black ink, it is one of my favourite materials because it is so versatile. There is something soothing about wondering what an abstract set of shapes like this could represent.

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ACEO City of Glass- Watercolour of City at Night with Pen and Ink



This is an ACEO which is a new size for me to work in- 3.5 by 2.5 inches! The tiny size makes detail a challenge, but it’s always nice to try something new.

This little painting/drawing is inspired by Paul Auster’s City of Glass, and also a little by the New York skyline. Working with grids can really add something new and interesting to a drawing.



Blue Ice Watercolour


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This is the last abstract in colour I’ve done in this series, I’ve loved working in colour but now I’m tempted to do a few in monochrome, as orginally I had done a series about doors in black and white that kind of inspired these colour pieces. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.