Large Night Carnival Painting in Black Ink


Another painting of a circus at night. I love this subject matter, as it allows me to indulge in my fondness for gothic fantasy. This painting is really huge by my standards. It is 70 cm by 54cm, which is about 20 by 27 inches. I  worked quite dilligently on the details here, and I am especially happy with how the tents turned out. I will need to go back to smaller pieces next though, as I don’t have much room in my home studio for pieces this size.

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Arrow Wreath Ink Drawing

Arrow Wreath Ink Drawing

Arrow Wreath Ink Drawing

I have always enjoyed drawing arrows, but I had the idea I wanted to try a more interesting composition. For some reason I love making circular or oval compositions, so the wreath was a natural choice.

One of the ink pens I used in this was a new one I got in Sennelier in Paris over New Year. I love it because it has a brush tip and takes refillable cartridges. In my view, that is just the perfect ink pen. I hate when a pen I love runs dry, especially if it has been discontinued. The very nice man at the counter told me that the cartridges were favoured by artists due to the very black and permanent carbon ink, which is also waterproof. I love watercolour painting over ink, too, so I will be experimenting with that soon. It’s also nice to have a drawing instrument that reminds me of being in such an inspiring place.


Hand Illustrated Kraft Art Journals


Blue Whale Notebook

I am a bit of a notebook addict. When I found these A5 Kraft Journals, I was inspired to illustrate a few by hand. I used stabilo ink pens, liquid acrylic inks and white ink, just using one tone of colour with the white for each notebook.


Magenta Feather Illustration Notebook

I think the hot pink is my personal favourite contrast with the brown.


Red Ferns and White Bird Footprints


Rainy Day Journal, With two shades of blue ink pen and white liquid ink.

I think the one-colour plus white on brown card effect worked well, the real knack seemed to be making sure it’s a vibrant colour to contrast the brown.

New York City Fire Escape



I’ve been enjoying using oval and unusual frames for my compositions recently. This New York City Fire Escape illustration is a bit of a throw back for me, as I was in New York last March- but Is till like to look at my photographs and remember. We got a fair amount of snow- and some sunshine too. The fire escapes there are just one small detail of many that I love about the city.


I had a couple of drawings in a recent show in Dublin, so I hope to show those here soon, stay tuned!

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Kiss in the Rain, Drawing from Breakfast at Tiffany’s


I love the visual at the end of this film. I like Audrey Hepburn anyway, and she is stunning in this movie, every dress she wears is beautiful. I got this as part of a box set that includes Sabrina, another great feelgood movie.

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ACEO collection- Watercolor and Pen and Ink Art Card Editions and Originals


The ACEO format is a lot of fun to work with, I feel like when I look back at a collection I’ve made together in a similar palette, it shows the appeal of this type of work in a new way- you can really use it to construct your own storyboard.


ACEO City of Glass- Watercolour of City at Night with Pen and Ink



This is an ACEO which is a new size for me to work in- 3.5 by 2.5 inches! The tiny size makes detail a challenge, but it’s always nice to try something new.

This little painting/drawing is inspired by Paul Auster’s City of Glass, and also a little by the New York skyline. Working with grids can really add something new and interesting to a drawing.