Large Night Carnival Painting in Black Ink


Another painting of a circus at night. I love this subject matter, as it allows me to indulge in my fondness for gothic fantasy. This painting is really huge by my standards. It is 70 cm by 54cm, which is about 20 by 27 inches. I ¬†worked quite dilligently on the details here, and I am especially happy with how the tents turned out. I will need to go back to smaller pieces next though, as I don’t have much room in my home studio for pieces this size.

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New Abstract Monochrome works

Abstract Monochrome by Emily Boylan

Abstract Monochrome by Emily Boylan

stripes2 stripes3Working on some new black and white abstracts for my etsy shop! I love working with black ink, it is one of my favourite materials because it is so versatile. There is something soothing about wondering what an abstract set of shapes like this could represent.

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Stag Ink Painting


This is the second in a series of ink paintings of the deer from Phoenix Park. This one came up looking for food, unfortunately for him I didn’t have any (some people bring apples etc for the deer, at a risk of getting antlered when the deers get a bit over excited). I thought it would be against the rules to bring food to the deer, but a ranger I met yesterday said that actually it isn’t, just advised against as, being wild animals, they may buck up and injure you. Apparently their favourite is cabbage, and if they get in a farmer’s field they will gobble it all up.

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Monochrome Floral Watercolor


Returning to monochrome again, and it’s lovely to be able to work with the textures afforded by black and white. As much as I love color, theye is something exciting to me in the simplicity of just using jet black ink, and what you can achieve with it.

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Five Feather Quills Monochrome Black Ink Painting


This is my first monochrome black and white ink painting in a while. I love old feather quills. I’m a Jane Austen fan, and I always imagine her writing her beautiful novels using a feather quill with curly tendrils. I love victorian images and ideas, so it was a pleasure making this illustration.

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