Lighthouse Art Pendant

lighthouse pendant1

I have been wanting to make this lighthouse pendant for a while. I bought the natural wood settings some time ago, in a mix of cherry and walnut woods. They were so lovely I wanted to make some really special pieces from them. I since decided on a longer length chain (32 inches) . I think part of this decision was that I like the feel of a necklace that is almost like a hanging pocket watch.

lighthouse pendant3 lighthouse pendant5

Last of all, I got the glass cabochons to match, and then I just needed the subject matter. I love lighthouse themed paintings, and had an instinct that it would work well in a small size- after all the actual painting in this is only a 1 inch circle. I’m happy with how this first necklace turned out, and currently sketching out some inspiration for more.

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Girl in hat with flowers portrait painting


Girl in Hat with Flowers Portrait

This is another painting using gouache. This time, however I incorporated watercolour into the background to create more texture and a sense of depth. I’ve been doing a few of these portraits, from the imagination. The paper is Fabriano Rosapina 285 gsm, which is unsized and a lovely soft surface to work on. The only caveat on this paper is that is absorbs a lot of pigment (I have also painted on it with acrylic, and saw the same thing). It is really a print-making paper, but despite the absorbance I still love painting on it.

girl in hat4

You can see in the background I layered strokes of sage (gouache) and leaf (watercolour) greens, with small daubs of marigold. I like the way the figure blends with the background, so the focus is on the face. Looking forward to experimenting more with this medium.

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New Pendant Design- Lighthouse

lighthouse necklace 4I’ve been working on yet more wooden pendant ideas. I started off inspired to make a lighthouse design. For some reason, this pendant takes me back to a childhood of devouring Enid Blyton books, especially The Adventurous Four. There seemed to be a lot of sneaking onto islands at night. I’m loving working with ink and wood. I have also been trying to work with branch slices, which have a totally different effect.

This is one of my first examples:

Dandelion Pendant

River Liffey, Dublin, Watercolor Painting


River Liffey, Dublin

I have been working on some jewellery designs inspired by cities, and in my research I made a few drawings of those cities in ink and watercolor. The piece above is one such finished painting. Dublin is my home city, and this painting shows the River Liffey, as viewed from O’Connell Bridge in the evening. Along the river you can see three bridges including the well-known Ha’penny bridge, which lately people are locking padlocks to as a symbol of love. It all seems very romantic, apart from the fact that apparently it is rusting the bridge, which was old enough to start with!

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Gothic Stag at Night Painting

deer night2deer night1  deer night3

I hope everyone out there is enjoying the season! I have made this new painting, which I wanted to share on my blog. It is a totally new style for me. Not only is it very gothic and darker than my usual painting style, but I started by painting the negative space first. I love photographing the deer in Phoenix Park, and while I never take photos of them at night, I did use some of my trips there at the basis of this painting. It’s interesting to think what they get up to in the park in the dark, and very inspiring too. I see this as part of a further series of gothic works featuring animals, woodland and garden settings and night blooming flowers.

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Dragonfly felt brooch



Today I’m posting one of my new foray into wearable art pins. I’ve been wanting to make something dragonfly related recently and gradually came up with these hand-stitched art pins. These pins are made from wool felt, purple embroidery thread, organza ribbon and sequins. I had the idea to photograph the pin in front of my ivy. Etsy link





More Summer flowers- Purple Flower Watercolour

Though the heatwave has passed in Dublin I’m painting flowers once more. Partly inspired by seeing the lovely new flowers and old roses my mother has in her garden this year. I’ve got somse marigolds and green beans that aren’t looking to shabby on my balcony, but it would be wonderful to have a garden!

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Ferns on Canvas, New Collection

New Fern paintings on canvas, just completed today! Typically, I’ve always liked ink and watercolour for doing minimalist leaf and nature designs. The nice thing about using canvas, is that whilst keeping the effect minimalist, you have more flexibility on the background colour. I was able to use my own mixed oatmeal tone, as opposed to the slightly starker ivory white of my water-colour paper (sorry, I’m sure the intricacies of different tones of white/ cream are not that interesting to most people)

Anyway, it was really fun making a composition out of different sized canvases, I think these would look pretty good in a variety of combinations on a wall.

Fern Canvas collection

Stag Ink Painting


This is the second in a series of ink paintings of the deer from Phoenix Park. This one came up looking for food, unfortunately for him I didn’t have any (some people bring apples etc for the deer, at a risk of getting antlered when the deers get a bit over excited). I thought it would be against the rules to bring food to the deer, but a ranger I met yesterday said that actually it isn’t, just advised against as, being wild animals, they may buck up and injure you. Apparently their favourite is cabbage, and if they get in a farmer’s field they will gobble it all up.

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