Red Love Bird Painting

Love Bird Painting

Love Bird Painting

I have been playing around with some new paint liners, using them over my watercolor paintings, and was inspired to create a new series of birds. I know real love birds are more of a light green colour, but these birds are more a product of my imagination, as well as a chance to experiment with colour, pattern and texture.

lovebirds3The thing I found the most fun was probably the feet, because I am making these funny, quite stylised shapes, which I think draw a little from tribal/ egyptian art or else folk art. I think they give the birds their own unique personality. Of course, so many artists paint birds, that it is hard to have a truly original take on them.


I enjoy the looseness of the watercolour heart also. I have been wanting to make more art that has a romantic tone, to balance out my range. So hopefully this is a step in the right direction. I hope everyone is enjoying the start of the summer. Still raining here in Ireland!


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Two little blackbirds

Two Blackbirds

Two blackbirds4

I’ve been working on a few paintings of pairs of birds, this is the first one I’ve finished. For some reason I’m seeing a lot of blackbirds about the park these stays, toughing out the cold weather in search of food.

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Owl Watercolour drawing


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I’ve been making owl cushions for a while, but they are also a lovely animal to draw. I love this guy’s fat furry claws.

A little brown owl drawing


I have been going threw a short owl phase recently, and came up with this little guy. He was quite an intricate drawing, and then I added the colours in GIMP

I’ve been working him into cards , bags and some other items on my zazzle store. I feel like I’m getting the hang of designing things on zazzle more, though it’s definitely a process.