Irish Deer in Black and White Ink


This painting is one of a new series I’m working on. I’ve been photographing the deer in the Phoenix Park for a while now to get inspiration for paintings. I’ve been able to photograph the deer grazing, picking leaves off trees, lying in long grass, and even having the occasional fight. I’m starting off in black and white, but I have the possibility to paint them in colour as well. Hopefully the good weather continues and I can go out and photograph them further.



This is the photograph I took these deer from- it was lucky to catch such a perfect pose.

Etsy link to watercolour



Fox Drawing/ Watercolour Illustration


Etsy link:

This was a small illustration I had lurking around my portfolio for a while, and decided to post as there is something I like about it. 🙂 Happy Sunday everyone, and thanks to the new follows!

Hedgehog Forraging in Autumn Leaves Watercolour


Another link to my watercolour on Etsy. I’ve been trying to upload some over the holidays.

Selling at markets last year, I sold a hedgehog picture to somebody wanting to remember a spiritual experience with a hedgehog!