New Woodland Fairy Mixed Media Paintings


I finished some new fairy paintings this weekend. My favourite part about painting these is that they are mixed media, so I get to use pieces of satin ribbon, leaf skeletons, sequins, silver lame… basically lots of fun materials.

I love fairyland style art, and have always liked fairy illustrations. I remember growing up reading The Magic Faraway Tree books by Enid Blyton, which featured a fairy whom I believe was called Silky.

Some of my inspiration has also come from the story of the young girls who fooled Arthur Conan Doyle with their ‘fairy photographs’- this story has been made into a movie too, called Photographing Fairies.┬áThe idea of those perfect paper fairies is very inspiring to me. I painted these on canvas, but perhaps I will try to incorporate paper fairies or drawings in my work soon too.

gfw1 gfg4

Thanks for looking!


You can see more about my fairy paintings on etsy, where I sell my work, here: Gold Garden Fairy and White Garden Fairy

Lighthouse Paintings on Canvas

Lighthouse, Painting on Canvas, Emily Boylan, 2015

Lighthouse, Painting on Canvas, Emily Boylan, 2015

I hope everyone is having a lovely summer! The weather in Ireland is warmer than usual, unfortunately a bit humid at night too. I’ve been thinking about being by the sea, as I have a holiday planned in Cape Cod and Boston. Also, I was watching Jaws recently- that film looks so good (until the shark turns up!) Anyway, just wanted to share some of my latest seaside inspired paintings with you.


I tried this composition as a square too, and I think it works! It is rare to find a subject or composition equally suited to square and rectangular canvases, but I think this may be it, maybe because it is quite minimal.lighthousesq4


I made one with some wooden ships too, just for variety. Anyway, I hope where-ever you are, you may get to enjoy the sea this summer.


Lighthouse Painting on etsy

Winter Paintings… Ski Lifts and Old Fashioned Wooden Trains on Snowy Hills

Ski Lifts in the Snow Painting, Emily Boylan, 2014

Ski Lifts in the Snow Painting, Emily Boylan, 2014

The colder weather is finally biting here in Dublin! In between some home improvements I have been continuing to paint when I have the chance. I have set up a new desk area by my window, so I’m all set to look out at the snowy balcony should the occasion come. We already have a robin who likes to visit, and appreciates some nuts to help him brave the winter.

After a more realistic winter painting last time, I’m back into a little bit of fantasy with this Ski Lifts in the Snow painting. I have ridden in cable cars up into the Swiss Alps, (an amazing experience) so it is not 100% fictional. However, I had a hot chicken dinner and a tasty Swiss beer at the top and then rode the cable car back down, so no skiing for me I’m afraid!

I do love the romance of the idea of a skiing holiday. Christmas movies in general are an absolute favourite for me. I loved ‘The Christmas Shepherd’ with Teri Polo, which I just watched recently (Christmas cheer plus a gorgeous German Shepherd Dog for good measure). Anyway, I hope everyone else out there is getting into the spirit of the season too!


cable cars2 cablecars3

Original Painting on Etsy

Winter River Painting on Canvas

snow river 2 snow river 3 Snow River

This is my new snow landscape. I’m still working from a set of photographs that I took in upstate New York. This particular one was taken from the window of a train. It’s a weird experience trying to get that photo as you speed by a beautiful landscape, and a lot of it comes down to luck. It’s easier to place together several partly blurry photos, and make them into a coherent painting.

No snow yet in Ireland, I’m hoping it stays that way until the holidays!

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Two little blackbirds

Two Blackbirds

Two blackbirds4

I’ve been working on a few paintings of pairs of birds, this is the first one I’ve finished. For some reason I’m seeing a lot of blackbirds about the park these stays, toughing out the cold weather in search of food.

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Snowy River, New York


I’ve started working on some small canvases and turned to some photographs I took during teh snow in New York this March, for inspiration. For this painting, I used this photograph:


And the next day I was in Central Park and the snow had all been melted away. Every time I visit New York there’s something new and incredible to photograph.

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Rowing Home


I’m returning to working on canvas (albeit briefly). This painting came from a memory of a scene I saw in Salt Hill, County Galway whilst there on holidays. two boys, I guessed they were brothers were rowing a raft to shore, and they looked in silhouette against the dusk sky. Anyway, happy Monday to all, hope you have a good week.



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