Lighthouse Paintings on Canvas

Lighthouse, Painting on Canvas, Emily Boylan, 2015

Lighthouse, Painting on Canvas, Emily Boylan, 2015

I hope everyone is having a lovely summer! The weather in Ireland is warmer than usual, unfortunately a bit humid at night too. I’ve been thinking about being by the sea, as I have a holiday planned in Cape Cod and Boston. Also, I was watching Jaws recently- that film looks so good (until the shark turns up!) Anyway, just wanted to share some of my latest seaside inspired paintings with you.


I tried this composition as a square too, and I think it works! It is rare to find a subject or composition equally suited to square and rectangular canvases, but I think this may be it, maybe because it is quite minimal.lighthousesq4


I made one with some wooden ships too, just for variety. Anyway, I hope where-ever you are, you may get to enjoy the sea this summer.


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