Handmade Christmas Owl Ornament

Handprinted owl Christmas Ornament

Handprinted owl Christmas Ornament

I have to put my hands up and admit I am already making Christmas designs. This little owl ornament is a really fun process. Recently I’ve renewed my interest in linocut printing whilst working on my Survivor Tree Print commission. It really wasn’t a long journey for me to get thinking about printing on fabric.
Owls are my favourite birds (along with robins, too, which are more common where I live). This story about self belief by Jeffrey Eugenides which describes how an owl appeared in his life in a time of creative difficulty and became a good omen has always stayed with me.
Anyway, for this owl, I hand cut an owl from lino, printed onto a ridged brown fabric which feels like a heavy cotton blend, then stitched by machine a fleece backing to her. I finished with a felt scarf, little christmas bell and baker’s twine hanger.
I start watching Christmas movies a little earlier than most at the best of times, and making this has probably brought me yet another step closer!

Available here on etsy


owl ornament2


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