New York City Cat


This drawing was inspired by two of my favourite things- Cats and New York!

I have a trip planned for this summer which includes taking in NYC, Boston, Vermont, Montreal, and finally Niagara Falls (Canadian side). I am really excited. New York is a bit of an old haunt for me at this stage, but it will be my first time in all these other places.

A friend just let me know that Pearl Paint is closing.

This is such sad news for me! I was looking forward to revisiting this treasure trove. Perhaps it was not pristine, but every time I went there I picked up something fun- on my first visit I got some fold and stick Nancy Drew stationery to send letters home- and more recently fantastically shaped buttons- owls, pirate style (maps, treasures, pirate hat, boats), crayons… Their colored masking tape was a revelation. I don’t think I know of anywhere else in New York as good for art supplies, but I suppose I will have to be on the prowl for somewhere new. I’m sorry for all the staff too, I remember one especially nice man directing me gently away from the insanely expensive paintbrushes I was pouring over, oblivious to the hundred plus dollar price tags, to the ones more in my price range.

Etsy link for my cat


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