Hand Illustrated Kraft Art Journals


Blue Whale Notebook

I am a bit of a notebook addict. When I found these A5 Kraft Journals, I was inspired to illustrate a few by hand. I used stabilo ink pens, liquid acrylic inks and white ink, just using one tone of colour with the white for each notebook.


Magenta Feather Illustration Notebook

I think the hot pink is my personal favourite contrast with the brown.


Red Ferns and White Bird Footprints


Rainy Day Journal, With two shades of blue ink pen and white liquid ink.

I think the one-colour plus white on brown card effect worked well, the real knack seemed to be making sure it’s a vibrant colour to contrast the brown.


2 thoughts on “Hand Illustrated Kraft Art Journals

  1. I have the same pens! I saw them and couldn’t get them out of my head, so went ahead and bought them haha. This reminds me that I have to finish my book binding project so that I can start decorating the covers. I covered all the recycled card with brown wrapping paper, so they look quite similar to your Kraft journals. Good to know that the pens work so well on them!

    • Don’t forget to post the outcomes! I know, pens are another vice of mine, perhaps worse than notebooks. I also love the faber castell brush pens- they come in regular and jumbo sizes- grogeous to work with too.

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