Vintage Pink 1950s Dress watercolour


I love to admire vintage dresses even though I have never worn one. Styles from the 1920s, 1940s ans 1950s are all my favourites.

The neckline on the one above is the main selling point for me, and the rose detailing on the skirt.



Lilee’s Gram Knits

I recently did an interview about my  painting shop with Teresa, the lovely blogger from Lilee’s Gram Knits

Teresa also makes her own lovely homsepun yarn on etsy:


I wish I had a talent for knitting, because homespun wool is so beautiful and it reminds me of my grandmother. She was a terrifically talented knitter, who made clothes for a lot of my dolls growing up. One of the last things she made is a lovely knitted quilt which my mother has, and I think it’s wonderful to have a hand-me -down like that in your family.

Rowing Home


I’m returning to working on canvas (albeit briefly). This painting came from a memory of a scene I saw in Salt Hill, County Galway whilst there on holidays. two boys, I guessed they were brothers were rowing a raft to shore, and they looked in silhouette against the dusk sky. Anyway, happy Monday to all, hope you have a good week.



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New York City Fire Escape



I’ve been enjoying using oval and unusual frames for my compositions recently. This New York City Fire Escape illustration is a bit of a throw back for me, as I was in New York last March- but Is till like to look at my photographs and remember. We got a fair amount of snow- and some sunshine too. The fire escapes there are just one small detail of many that I love about the city.


I had a couple of drawings in a recent show in Dublin, so I hope to show those here soon, stay tuned!

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