Saw-whet Owl Pen and Ink Drawing

Original Monochrome Owl, Northern Saw-whet Owl, Pen and Ink Drawing Owl in Black and White
This owl drawing is of a Northern Saw-whet owl, which I only learned about recently. This is a tiny owl, only about seven inches high, the same weight as a robin. It has lovely eyes, in my drawing they are only half open, because he’s relaxing in a tree, but when the owl is on the hunt they are open wide.

ETSY Saw whet owl original drawing link

2 thoughts on “Saw-whet Owl Pen and Ink Drawing

    • Owls are my absolute favourite. Funny enough my last trip to the Dublin zoo, the lovely snowy owl was missing, which was disappointing. I envy people who are lucky enough to see them out walking or near their homes.

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