Painting on Canvas- Abstract Circles/ Umbrellas/ Sea Urchins



I’ve wanted to use this square canvas for ages, but I’m hooked on waterbased inks and colours right now. I think I found a happy medium, by mixing in a little acrylic so it would adhere to the canvas… Happy with how it turned out




A friend of mine very kindly gave me this beautiful brush, with which I am now in love.





2 thoughts on “Painting on Canvas- Abstract Circles/ Umbrellas/ Sea Urchins

  1. Ah I never knew water colours didn’t adhere to canvas! Since you’re a bit of a water colour expert, I’m planning on painting a few of the covers of the booklets I’ve made. I was always going to use water colour, but now I don’t know if it’ll show up since the paper is like brown packaging paper. What do you think?

    • Hmmm that’s a good question, you’re right that watercolour will be affected by the brown colour of the paper. I had a teacher that used to get us to paint life studies on brown paper, and she mixed her own glazes that we would add over the drawings and they looked lovely (the shine giving a totally different colour tone to the brown paper) So I bet there is a lot you could do, and even consider iridescent and other finishes as well. Vibrant or dark colours would show up well, something like yellow might be a wasted effort? Hope that helps!

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