Emerald Quill Dip Pen drawing/ Watercolor



An emerald Green Feather Quill painting

I bought myself a new dip pen while I was treasure hunting in the art shops in NYC, so I used it for the detail here. I’m in love with dip pens! And I haven’t even tried out all the nibs yet.




Emerald Spear Heads Watercolor


Just back from NYC, and this drawing was inspired by Spear Heads in the Natural History Museum- highly recommend a visit there, if you’re in the area!

ETSY link https://www.etsy.com/listing/126740202/emerald-spear-head-watercolor-painting?

Monochrome Floral Watercolor


Returning to monochrome again, and it’s lovely to be able to work with the textures afforded by black and white. As much as I love color, theye is something exciting to me in the simplicity of just using jet black ink, and what you can achieve with it.

Etsy link