Five Feather Quills Monochrome Black Ink Painting


This is my first monochrome black and white ink painting in a while. I love old feather quills. I’m a Jane Austen fan, and I always imagine her writing her beautiful novels using a feather quill with curly tendrils. I love victorian images and ideas, so it was a pleasure making this illustration.

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6 thoughts on “Five Feather Quills Monochrome Black Ink Painting

  1. This turned out great! Love it! I want to say I love Jane Austen too, but I’m probably not allowed to say that since I’ve only read Pride and Prejudice, but I LOVE that book (and Mr Darcy). Did you watch the BBC series and the movie with Keira Knightley? Did you like them?

    • Yes I watched both, I slightly prefer the BBC version, but I love both Mr Darcys equally… I think, it’s a hard call to make! 😛 Not all her books are as good as P&P, it’s definitely my favourite, next to it I would probably rate Emma or Sense & Sensibility (of which there is also a nice movie).

      • I watched the movie first, then read the book, then watched the BBC series, so I am one of the very few that prefer the movie to the BBC series. I think it’s also because I love Keira Knightley. But I love Colin Firth as Mr Darcy so the BBC series wins in that respect! I’ll have to read those two books next! I read Jane Eyre last year and quite enjoyed that too!

      • It’s hard for anyone to follow Colin Firth, I did like the Film’s Darcy (Matthew mcFayden?) and I like his new series Ripper Street, but Colin Firth sort of owns that role. Ah Jane Eyre is another favourite of mine, and it also has some great movies/ adaptations (including a very good BBC mini series too)

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