Haunted House Drawing, (with cat, pumpkin, and halloween owl below)


This haunted house drawing was done in pen, with color and lighting effects added in GIMP. Getting a head start on my party invitation halloween zazzle designs ( a head start for me, anyway!)


This guy works great on black background designs: (like the tote bag linked). Black cats are my favorite because we had one growing up just like this with a little white under her chin called Sparkles, and she was the gentlest most lovely cat you could ever meet.


The pumpkin is a more simple design, I thought it might be fun for kids (like this cute creeper design)


Last of all another owl, this time with a halloween witch’s hat- the drawing turned out a little bit grumpy looking, but I still like him, and thought he’d be cute on stickers.


2 thoughts on “Haunted House Drawing, (with cat, pumpkin, and halloween owl below)

  1. Emily, I LOVE your haunted house drawing! It’s so cool! I can’t wait to see more stuff from you! Your passion is really inspiring! And thanks for following my blog! I hope some of your can-do attitude rubs off on me! =)

    • Thank you so much. Your blog is fabulous though I wish it hadn’t also made me so hungry! I’m going to have to get a late lunch now and it won’t be anywhere near as nice as the stuff in your photos. 😦

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