Zazzle designs- Hipster Birds…

I’ve been setting up my own Zazzle Store, and it is so much more work than I expected. It is also highly addictive.

I came upon the idea to draw a bird who is a hipster. I live in an apartment, and I get a lot of bird visiting my balcony and am always struck by the great personality that birds have. Most of the birs that come by are sparrows and other little brorwn birds like this guy. I put black-rimmed glasses on him because that’s what I identify as a typical hipster look… maybe next time I could try skinny jeans, but I don’t know how his feet would fit into converse!

I also came up with a hand-drawn tartan design using a pencil effect, which seemed appropriate to the hipster theme.

I then tried him on some products I thought he would look cool on:

 Hipster Bird Bag in Cartoon Tartan Courier Bags>

The messenger bag is my favourite style to design, because I love that you can choose the colour of the inside and the piping, it makes the whole bag come together in a much cooler way. However, it is also one of the priciest items on Zazzle, so I think I need to curb my expensive tastes

I also came up with a cool tie design, which made use of the tartan in a more concentrated, tiled format:

Because I had given him a green circle background, he worked well on their more circular items like buttons and keychains:

The thing with Zazzle is that one product idea can lead to another, and you could literally spend hours trying them all, so I’m trying not to let it become an obsession…


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